RIP currents in Costa Rica: .CH & MP

I learned about the (hopefully apparent) death of Mircea Popescu, with whom I interacted a while back on this blog as well as on his. It's a good opportunity to let currents and blasts from the past rip.

Varianta in romana pe Meta.

  • The previously told story of my Swiss friend who died in Costa Rica still comes back to me.
  • To remind myself of MP I take an inventory of our interactions on this blog.
  • Corrientes Peligrosas kill numerous foreign tourists as well as locals in this country known for wilderness adventures

photo of warning sign of RIP currents on a beach with blue skiesSometime in this millennium I took a trip to Switzerland, visiting friends I made while traveling in Scandinavia. My Swiss friends were awesomely kuhl and we had a fantastic time in their country, which is best visited with locals. They were planning a trip to Costa Rica, and I passed, as I was set on finishing up some business here in Canada (which ended up taking me decades and is still unfinished).

Costa Rica is one of the safer countries in Latin America and it is entirely possible to visit it without getting robbed. I remember the father of one of my friends telling me that the country is the “Switzerland of Latin America”.

I have a feeling I already told the story of my Swiss friends, but can’t find it right now. So here it goes again (click to reveal).

My relationship with my two friends was rather complex. We considered playing chess together but somehow I ended up playing chess only with C. In all fairness, I almost started a game with H as well. With C I got to play quite a bit but none of us won, we kept ending in a draw (Romanian: “sah pat”). I had the feeling that H really wanted to play chess with me, but I liked playing it with C and felt that focus, in these circumstances, was more important than variety. Chess is best when is one on one. I valued their friendship, not just playing chess, and though it seemed like playing both was something they may have been ok with, I worried I may be misreading clues and bring dark clouds into our friendship.

So I returned to my trial and tribulations in Toronto, while they both went to Costa Rica. But only one of them went back to Switzerland. C drowned. Meanwhile, H’s coolness went from hot to Kühlschrank. She even came to visit Canada but avoided Toronto. Then, about a year ago, sent me a photo of her newborn baby girl on WhatsApp, telling me that she’s very happy, then sort of disappeared.

I’ve always hoped that my friend’s drowning was a “ploy” to get me to move past our chess playing and play with H, a ploy that failed to work when I over-reacted to that news. Alas, I will never know.

LE: I realized I’ve already told the story of my Swiss friends in Dia de Los Muertos in 2013.


That entire story is pretty much water under the bridge (or over the shore). It all came back recently, when I learned that Mircea Popescu, whom I met online through my blog, has passed away in similar circumstances in the same location, a few months ago.

I commented on his blog and he commented on mine. On this blog (articles about or with him):

  1. concurs Trilema – de veghe… (T)
  2. USA nation – raspuns.. (T)
  3. copyright (T1, T2, am)
  4. chemtrails (comments / tweet)
  5. diacritice (T)
  6. zoso v 3lma (comments)
  7. wiki/leadership (comments)
  8. leapsa1, 2, (T) + neonorata
  9. 3leimedia I, II (fain)
  10. happiness – just link (T)
  11. popelu (about: bdsm / zosouccesurile) / bitcoin 

His blog is far too large for me to go through it to find my comments (and, besides, after my “11. popelu’” article he may have deleted some or even blocked me). Suffices to say that although I often found him to be irritating, to the point where I stopped reading him, he also inspired me to write differently. I’ve added a whole bunch of links spurred by his supposed death and have yet to read them all. Once I do (if ever), I might update this section.

For now, let me just say that I do not know (or care) whether he was a billionaire or not, or whether

I care less for mp, but I do hope he’s still alive and well and that this is another of his weird jokes, a la Andy Kaufman. Either way, it’s a good opportunity to talk about rip currents.


RIP currents are called Corrientes Peligrosas in Spanish – more precisely, there isn’t a clear expression as it is in English, but it sounds better to my ears, because Español, even though “rip current” makes more sense within the context of this article, Requiescat In Pace & all. So rather than choose between RC (rip currents) and CP for the title of this subsection, I combined them into CPR, something I’ve mentioned before in Salvamar SMURD Lifeguard.

A rip current is a narrow band of surface moving water away from the shore. You don’t swim against a rip current, you try to get out at an angle, once it (the current, not you) exhausts itself. If that’s too simple, read the articles (wg-how2avd, tt-ocsftcr, tt-crbs, csg-myths) and studies (sd-riptch, cop-bchgrs, jcr-intro, sl-coastalr), or watch the videos:

  1. nos 1:39
  2. ParksCa 4:17
  3. SurfLifeAu 2:31
  4. surfinl8er 1:16
  5. VisitCR 3:17
  6. 10 ways 16:46
  7. 8 reasons 19:20

There’s quite a bit to be said about MP as well as one of the 3 “slaves” (twt-rawav) who wrote an obituary for him (osdc-svrd) – whom I don’t consider to be a slave, but I’m running out of time and right now, if I got you to read about RIP currents, I consider myself satisfied.

Sources / More info: tn-mp, bm-mpmost, tlt-polaco, wrd-btcbrrn, trlm-waxman, bw-sadi, bw-mpex, twt-rawav, osdc-svrd, nsdq-mpprvc, rddt-lstsc, btct-mpoe, frm-plm, adv-mpmrt, ycn-cmeupp, li-mp, liro-mp, mw-mpdd, fy-poli, ft-btcbromrn, btc-mpdd, rdt-mpdd, rddt-mpsaif, btcist-whale, fsp-obsd, trc-obsd, sd-riptch, wg-how2avd, tt-ocsftcr, tt-crbs, cop-bchgrs, jcr-intro, csg-myths, sl-coastalr


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